Yes, apologies to those who visit my blog and keep up with me and wonder why I haven’t posted anything.
The whole reason this was made was to showcase artwork and it seems like I’ve found a new place to harbour it all.
So, apologies once again, and thank you guys so much for being loyal readers or at least dropping by to check on my sanity. You lot have been great!

If you’d like to know where I’ve moved its at the lovely http://www.deviantart.com
Search “magentanoir” and tada!

Toodle- pip, and hope I see you guys around!
(Zerozilch will resurface someday with a new face hopefully.)

Love, Essa (technically I’m still finding a nickname…)


Food for Thought

  It scares me how every time
I walk out of the door,
I see little children everywhere.

 In malls, parks, restaurants, and such.
Not chatting about, not being curious,
not daydreaming.
But staring down
At a little glowing screen.

Thumbs twitching
on the device in their hands.
And eyes holding nothing
but a zombie -like stare.

An alienating silence that’s not right…
An alienating silence that shouldn’t be there…


Muse Juice and Cupcakes

<pic removed>

(click for better look if pencil lines interest you)

I carry a little sketchbook around with me sometimes, but never really get the chance to scribble in it, mainly because of what I just stated in the picture.
And I just realized that ALL my “muse juices” have plain black covers.
Sketchbook, notebook, and mini sketchbook.
Good glory, how boring…
But flashy colours draw attention, so I tend to stay away from those.

Yes, it has been an ugly week. However, I made Early Grey Cupcakes!

Ok, so they’re not really visually attractive, but they tasted brilliant (no lie)! Especially for a beginner baker like me that DID NOT happen to have an electric mixer, and had to do all the stirring herself. (bless my poor arm…)
I used the recipe from http://bakelovenotwar.co.za/2011/07/04/earl-grey-cupcake-recipe/
Her blog is like heaven for cupcakes and allsorts, so take a good look if you have the chance.

Until next time. Toodle-pip!

The Next Best Thing to Pepper Spray

 Nothing like a good ol’ high-heeled shoe when you don’t have pepper spray in your bag.
Especially if the shoe has a mass of spiky glittery studs spattered on as a fashion statement.

 It was a normal trip to the mall with a couple of good friends, and like most girls we directed ourselves to the shoe store, where every stiletto is as uncomfortable as it looks. And it was there that we came across the lovely pepper spray replacement (not that we use pepper spray.)…

 “Hey look at this shoe!”
 “Yeechh, that’s ugly.”
 “Well no, it’s so punk-gothic, I quite like it.”
 “Harhar I’d like to see you try.”
And all I could say was:
 ” It’s better than carrying pepper spray around…”

 Of course they didn’t get my joke immediately (I hope you lot are smarter…).
After that we all burst into giggles and ran around trying to smack each other upside the head, with the newly named “Pepper Spray Replacement Shoe”.

The end.

 So when was the time you saw something that deserved to be used as something else?

Evil Genius

 Another excerpt from the art dreaded hands of Essa.
I introduce you all to Nenah: 24th-century delivery girl, cyberpunk
and Collins “Cole”: 24th-century genius, who has taken over his father’s grandiose corporation of the future.

There is no storyline. It’s just a sketch.

And I’m sorry if those coloured flats look ‘tired’. I am not a pro at digital media, but I’m working my way towards it.
If you’re interested, I used Corel Painter Essentials 4, not Photoshop.
I don’t know if Corel can be used to colour pictures like Photoshop (expensive, mind you), but once again, I need to experiment with it.

I actually had their names written below their feet in my sketchbook. It looked ‘obvious’ so I got rid of them.
Oh, and that ugly red blob thing on Cole’s jacket is a rose. I was too lazy to draw a good one.

Last but not least, I have decided to join the PostAWeek movement. I will blog once every week no matter how gruesome!
From short posts, to full wordy ones, to glop from my sketchbook.
Once every week.

(for a better non-blurry look at this picture please click on it.)